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We are a leading provider of building thermal imaging surveys in Lincoln and the surrounding area, serving both commercial and residential clients.

Our experienced team has conducted countless surveys across multiple properties in Lincoln, allowing us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs and challenges of each project.


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Build IR Services In Worksop

We are a specialised company that offers building thermal imaging surveys to commercial and residential clients across Worksop.

Leveraging extensive experience encompassing hundreds of successful thermal imaging surveys across diverse commercial and residential projects, our team at Build IR has the refined expertise to tailor exceptional service to your unique project requirements, regardless of scale or complexity.

Choose the Build IR team as we are:

  • Fully insured
  • UKTA approved thermographers
  • Experienced with dealing with the most complex installations
  • Compliant with the requirements of ISO 18436:7
  • Holding all relevant electrical engineering qualifications

Are you concerned about potential problems within your property, or facing a dispute with builders or contractors?

Our advanced thermal imaging services can help. Whether you’re a homeowner in Worksop or a neighbouring area, our skilled team conducts comprehensive assessments to:

Identify Hidden Issues: Our cameras detect unseen leaks, energy inefficiencies, structural defects, and empower you to address problems proactively.
Resolve Disputes: We provide objective, visual evidence to support your claims against builders or contractors, helping you achieve fair resolutions.

Thermal Inspections In Worksop

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Thermographic Inspection / Surveys In Worksop

Choose Build IR to conduct your thermal assessments for any commercial or residential building based in or around Worksop. By choosing us, you will receive a number of fantastic benefits.

Our thermal imaging camera will capture thermographic measurements as we move around your structure, recording the varied temperatures of your building’s envelope.

Once the photos have been taken and the findings have been received, our engineers can determine where remedial work is required, and which areas must be addressed immediately.

We offer quality control surveys to verify the proper installation of your insulation and identify any potential thermal anomalies during the process. This comprehensive approach ensures your building envelope functions optimally, minimising heat loss and optimising energy efficiency.

Residential Homeowners: Our assessments of your home can help you swiftly identify areas which are costing you money, whether it is due to heat loss or to your gas or electricity.

Facility Managers: Even minor heat loss from your building can translate into substantial financial repercussions for both you and your tenants. By employing our advanced thermal imaging cameras, we can accurately detect and pinpoint these areas of heat loss, enabling you to take remedial action. This not only reduces your energy bills but also demonstrates your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Commercial Developers: As you near the end of your project, confirm completion and make sure there are no defects or difficulties with the building using our thermal imaging inspections before finalising and handing it over!

Receive your thermal imaging survey in Worksop and gain valuable insights into your property’s hidden issues.

The Benefits Of Thermographic Inspections / Surveys

Inspections with a thermal imaging camera will offer you with an array of advantages for both residential and business building owners in Worksop.

We use state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras which are able to identify a variety of anomalies within your structures that the human eye is unable to see. These can include things like:

  • Heat loss
  • Air leakage
  • Defective insulation
  • Cold bridging

Traditional roof inspections often paint an incomplete picture, leaving you exposed to hidden problems that can drain your wallet and endanger your property. However, with Build IR, we offer a superior solution: advanced thermographic inspections which analyse your building, revealing crucial details invisible to the naked eye.

Our cutting-edge cameras go beyond mere detection, offering significant cost-saving advantages:

Reduced Risk and Enhanced Safety: Eliminate the need for risky high-rise work and scaffolding by conducting ground-level inspections, minimising potential accidents and associated costs.

Proactive Maintenance for Savings: Early identification of issues like energy loss, air leaks, cold bridging, and defective insulation allows for timely repairs, preventing costly future problems and downtime. This proactive approach extends the lifespan of your roof and minimises future repair expenses.

Comprehensive Roof Inspections Tailored to Your Needs: Whether you have a flat, sloped, or insulated roof, our experienced team in Worksop meticulously assesses your entire structure, identifying potential weaknesses, energy inefficiencies, and moisture intrusion before they lead to major problems.

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BREEAM Surveys In Worksop

Does your Worksop business property require a BREEAM survey?

Our experienced team can assist you with obtaining a BREEAM assessment for your commercial property in Worksop. With over 500 successful BREEAM surveys completed, we possess the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the process.

We understand the strict guidelines associated with BREEAM certifications and can ensure your building meets all necessary requirements.

If your building was to fail, we can work alongside you to notify you of any areas which require remedial work and help you cross the finishing line.

If you require a BREEAM survey, the following is required:

  • Your buildings envelope must be finalised
  • The heating should be up and running
  • A minimum of 10˚C internal/external temperature differential must be achieved prior to the survey
  • Weather conditions must be closely inspected to ensure the survey can be carried out

By pinpointing energy leaks and inefficiencies, we empower property owners and developers to implement targeted solutions, significantly enhancing energy performance and reducing their environmental impact.

Moisture / Water Leak Inspections in Worksop

Traditional methods of detecting moisture and water leaks often involve invasive procedures, educated guesswork, and limited visibility meaning the effects of prolonged moisture exposure can result in significant damage to a property’s structural integrity and façades.

If water or moisture permeates your building, your construction materials, fixtures, and fittings will have a considerably shorter lifespan than usual, presenting health and safety hazards.

Fortunately, we have the solution to this problem at hand, by using our specialist thermal imaging cameras, we can discover any leaks, moisture, or even condensation within your structures before any further deterioration or risk can be incurred.

Utilising a thermal imaging camera during these tests provides a comprehensive understanding of the extent of water damage, which would otherwise be limited.

Our Worksop team can conduct these surveys on both your commercial and residential properties.

Thermal Imaging Surveys In Worksop

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Underfloor Heating Thermal Imaging in Worksop

Hidden beneath the floorboards of any property with underfloor heating lies a complex network of pipes responsible for keeping any residential or commercial property warm. While underfloor heating offers undeniable comfort, maintaining its efficiency and identifying potential issues can be challenging.

Once your underfloor heating system has been fitted and everything appears to be in working order, the only way to check this is by walking along it. But what if we told you there was a far easier solution which provides greater analytical breakdowns and data.

At Build IR, our team can analyse the floor and identify the specific areas which require attention by utilising our thermal imaging cameras. Our imaging will reveal cooler areas, indicating defective or malfunctioning heating.

Unlike traditional methods relying solely on surface checks, our underfloor thermal imaging provides a visual representation of a property’s heating performance.

Hot zones on the thermal image reveal areas where pipes are functioning optimally, while cooler areas highlight potential problem areas where there may be blockages, faulty connections, or uneven heat distribution.

By detecting these issues early on, a client will be afforded time for proactive repairs, preventing minor issues from escalating into costly breakdowns and ensuring your system operates at peak efficiency.

Freezer / Cold Stores Thermal Testing in Worksop

The energy required to maintain optimal temperatures within a commercial freezer or cold storage facility can incur significant expenses. Heat loss within the premises can escalate operational costs and accelerate the deterioration of the building’s structural elements.

If you have a new or old commercial cold store or freezer, our team can survey them for you whilst they are still in full operation to maximise the total efficiency.

By not having your cold store or freezer surveyed and correctly assessed, you increase the risk of:

  • Increased cooling costs
  • Build-up of ice which is hazardous to people and goods
  • Moisture inside the façade reduces your lifespan of the materials and insulation

Avoid the risks of damage and extend the lifespan of your cold store by asking our team to carry out a survey today!

Drone Thermal Imaging Worksop

Electrical Thermal Imaging In Worksop

At Build IR, we understand the critical role electrical components play in your operations. Neglecting their maintenance can lead to devastating consequences, including fires, injuries, equipment failures, and costly financial repercussions.

That’s why we offer one of the most established and crucial applications of thermal imaging: comprehensive electrical inspections.

Our experienced thermographers utilise advanced thermal imaging cameras to conduct rigorous inspections of your electrical systems, ensuring they operate at peak performance and adhere to the highest safety standards. We inspect a wide range of critical components, including:

  • Control panels
  • Battery banks
  • Distribution boards
  • Servers
  • Switch fuses and isolators
  • Switch panels and switchboards
  • Transformers

During these inspections, we meticulously look for indicators of potential issues, including:

Corrosion: Early detection allows for timely repairs, preventing equipment failures and potential safety hazards.
High Resistance in Fuses and Switchgears: Identifying these issues helps prevent overheating and potential equipment failure.
Loose Connections: Detecting loose connections reduces the risk of arcing and electrical fires.
Overloads: Identifying overloaded circuits allows for proactive measures to avoid overheating and potential fires.
Phase Imbalances: Addressing imbalanced phases ensures optimal system efficiency and prevents equipment damage.

By choosing proactive electrical thermal imaging with Build IR, you can minimise the risk of electrical fires, injuries, and equipment failures.

So, don’t wait for problems to escalate and schedule a comprehensive thermal imaging inspection of your electrical systems today and let our team help you achieve a safer, more efficient, and reliable operation.

Drone Surveys in Worksop

Drones are increasingly recognised for their capabilities beyond capturing aerial photographs, and thanks to ongoing technological advancements, they can now be used in our surveys. Our team has successfully implemented drones in various projects, leading to significant improvements in both efficiency and safety.

In the past, our drones have been used to carry out a number of different surveys to make life easier for all of our clients in or around Worksop. These surveys include:

  • Buildings with very poor access / inaccessible to carry out the survey on foot
  • Large building surveys
  • Roof surveys
  • Rooftop solar panel surveys
  • Solar farm surveys

By choosing to carry out your surveys with our drones, you will be able to save time, reduce the risks, and gain access to otherwise impossible to reach areas!

Our team is always on hand to help support commercial and domestic clients with our drone surveys! Get in touch to find out more about the services we have to offer!

Air Tightness Testing In Worksop

During the construction process, our team can provide you with air tightness consultancy. Air tightness testing, also known as air leakage or air permeable testing, is now required for new residential and commercial buildings which must meet Building Regulations Part L.

Our comprehensive air tightness guidance is provided throughout the entire process, guaranteeing time and cost savings whilst significantly decreasing the chance of failing the first air test, eliminating the need for corrective work, ensuring on-time completion, and significantly reducing the likelihood of requiring a retest for your building.

We can examine your initial design in three possible ways which are:

Desktop Design Review: By choosing our team, we can assess your construction designs early in the project, ideally before any work begins. We will examine the air tightness strategy and guarantee that it was considered from the beginning, rather than after everything has begun and it is too late to correct easily.

On-Site Design Review: Allow our staff, your design team, and any applicable subcontractors to meet in person to digress about your project plans. As a result, modifications can be considered and implemented immediately without the need to go back and change anything once the building is complete..

Site Advice Visit: Another face-to-face consultation, but this time we will assess your location for air tightness and safety. Depending on the complexity, this can range from one inspection to numerous.

If you have a new commercial or residential structure that requires an air tightness inspection, look no further than Build IR for a dependable, accomplished, and fully insured surveying company!

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Why Thermography?

Thermal imaging is a type of photography which visualises heat which is unseen by the human eye. By using high resolution thermal imaging equipment each image produced is made up of more than 600,000 temperature measurements allowing us to compare large areas and identify even the smallest difference in temperature to highlight possible defects.

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