Thermal Inspections In Chesterfield

With extensive experience in thermal surveyance, we have successfully completed projects on large-scale commercial buildings worth millions and unique residential properties, applying the same high-quality standards to every project we undertake in Chesterfield and the surrounding area.


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Thermal Inspections In Chesterfield

Serving Chesterfield and surrounding areas, at Build IR we leverage cutting-edge thermal imaging technology to expose hidden energy inefficiencies in residential and commercial buildings.

Our expertise goes beyond just identifying issues. We empower you to make informed decisions by pinpointing heat loss and air leaks, ultimately saving you money on energy bills and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Our experienced team boasts a proven track record across projects of all sizes. We help you optimise your property’s performance and reduce your environmental footprint, combining:

  • Extensive experience tackling even the most complex installations.
  • Relevant electrical engineering qualifications for specialised knowledge.
  • Compliance with ISO 18436:7 standards for quality assurance.
  • UKTA-Approved thermographers for industry-recognised expertise.
  • Full insurance for your peace of mind.

If you are in the Chesterfield area, we offer expert thermal imaging surveys to uncover issues and provide peace of mind.

Whether you suspect energy leaks, moisture intrusion, or construction flaws, our skilled team delivers clear and actionable insights to empower informed decision-making.

Let us help you resolve disputes effectively and achieve optimal comfort and efficiency in your home or business. Contact us today and let’s get started!

Thermal Inspections In Chesterfield

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Thermographic Inspections/ Surveys in Chesterfield

Build IR offers comprehensive thermal imaging surveys for both residential and commercial properties, providing invaluable insights that can significantly benefit you.

Our state-of-the-art thermographic equipment conducts precise thermal assessments throughout your building envelope, pinpointing potential issues that could impact energy efficiency, comfort levels, and even structural integrity.

We can even help with quality control, ensuring your insulation has been installed properly and that no heat loss occurs during the process.

Residential Homeowners: Our comprehensive assessments offer an efficient means to identify areas of energy loss, leading to potential savings on your gas and electricity bills.

Facility Managers: Losing heat drains finances for you and your tenants. Our advanced thermal imaging cameras pinpoint inefficiencies, allowing you to optimise comfort, reduce costs, and minimise your carbon footprint.

Commercial Developers: As you near the finish of your project, confirm completion and make sure there are no defects or difficulties with the building before finalising and handing it over!

Discover hidden energy leaks, improve comfort, and reduce costs with our advanced thermal imaging survey, book yours today and experience the benefits.

The Benefits Of Thermographic Inspections / Surveys

For homeowners and commercial property owners in Chesterfield, employing professional thermal imaging unveils valuable insights invisible to the naked eye.

Our thermographic equipment reveals a range of irregularities within your structures, including:

Heat Loss: Pinpoint areas where valuable energy escapes, leading to higher bills and reduced comfort.
Air Leakage: Identify drafts that contribute to discomfort and higher heating/cooling costs.
Cold Bridging: Detect structural weak points that conduct heat inefficiently.
Defective Insulation: Locate compromised insulation requiring repair or replacement.
Cost Savings: Identify and address energy inefficiencies early on, leading to significant cost reductions on your utility bills.
Comprehensive Roof Assessments: Regardless of your roof’s type (flat, sloped, insulated), we inspect its entirety, uncovering potential weakness, heat loss, and water leakage.

Roofs are critical components of any building construction and must be inspected and assessed regularly so during our assessment we will highlight any significant areas of weakness, heat loss, or water leakage.

Our team will inspect any roof in or around Chesterfield, regardless of whether it is flat, sloped, or insulated.

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BREEAM Surveys in Chesterfield

If you are in need of a BREEAM survey for your commercial property in Chesterfield, Look no further than our experienced team!

With over 500 BREEAM surveys under our belt, we possess a deep understanding of the specific criteria needed for success. Our team can guide you through the process and help you achieve your desired BREEAM rating.

Even if your building doesn’t initially meet all the requirements, don’t worry as we will work closely with you to identify and address any potential issues, helping you obtain that crucial BREEAM credit.

In order for a BREEAM survey to be performed, the following things must be completed:

The heating should be up and running

Your buildings envelope must be finalised

A minimum of 10˚C internal/external temperature differential must be achieved prior to any of our surveys

Weather conditions must be closely inspected to ensure the survey can be carried out

By choosing our team for your BREEAM survey, you benefit from our expertise, dedication, and commitment to your success.

BREEAM Surveys in Chesterfield

Moisture / Water Leak Inspections in Chesterfield

Moisture and water leaks pose a significant threat to the integrity and longevity of your property. Not only can they shorten the lifespan of your building materials, fixtures, and fittings, but they can also create health and safety concerns for all occupants.

Our thermal imaging cameras offer a powerful solution to detecting leaks and moisture issues before they become major problems.

Unlike relying solely on the naked eye, which often misses issues hidden behind walls or under floors, our equipment provides a clear and accurate picture of potential problems.

Through our comprehensive moisture detection surveys, we can help you:

  • Identify hidden leaks and moisture build-up
  • Prevent potential damage to your building structure and contents
  • Protect the health and safety of your occupants
  • Extend the lifespan of your valuable building assets

Whether you own a commercial or residential property in Chesterfield, our experienced team can conduct thorough surveys and provide you with detailed reports. Don’t wait for leaks to become a costly and disruptive problem.

Schedule your moisture detection survey for peace of mind and a safer, healthier building environment.

Underfloor Heating Thermal Imaging in Chesterfield

Gone are the days of relying on subjective methods like walking barefoot to gauge your underfloor heating’s performance. While traditional approaches offer limited information, our team in Chesterfield offers a far superior solution: thermal imaging.

Our team utilises thermal imaging alongside their expertise to analyse your underfloor heating system non-invasively and efficiently. Our underfloor thermal imaging allows us to:

  • Identify cooler areas in your floor, potentially indicating defective heating elements or uneven heat distribution.
  • Locate the exact position of pipes within your floor without the need for destructive excavation.
  • Assess the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your underfloor heating system, ensuring it performs optimally.

The advantages extend beyond just identifying potential problems. Our thermal imaging technology also allows us to pinpoint the exact pipework layout within the floor, eliminating the need for intrusive digging during future modifications or repairs. This translates to greater convenience and peace of mind for you.

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Freezer / Cold Stores Thermal Testing in Chesterfield

Maintaining optimal temperatures in commercial freezers and cold stores is crucial for preserving perishable goods and ensuring product safety. However, achieving these low temperatures requires substantial energy consumption, making it essential to identify and address any potential inefficiencies.

Even small heat loss areas, often invisible to the naked eye, can dramatically impact operational costs and shorten the lifespan of building components.

Our cold store thermal testings services, applicable to both new and existing commercial cold storage facilities, are designed to maximise total efficiency and minimise energy consumption.

By neglecting regular inspections and assessments of your cold storage or freezer, you risk:

Increased Cooling Costs: Inefficient operation can lead to significant financial burdens.

Ice Buildup: This poses safety hazards for personnel and damages stored goods.

Moisture Accumulation: Moisture trapped within the structure can compromise the lifespan of materials and insulation, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

Safeguard your investment and ensure optimal performance by scheduling a professional inspection of your cold storage or freezer. Our experienced Build IR staff utilises advanced techniques to identify potential issues and recommend effective solutions.

Electrical Thermal Imaging in Chesterfield

Electrical component inspection is one of the most established and crucial applications of thermal imaging.

Ignoring potential issues in your electrical system can lead to increased risk of fires, equipment failure, and even fatalities, causing not only financial damage but also serious injuries.

We prioritise the safety of all our customers and aim to ensure there are no potential electrical risks to them post-service. Our thermal electrical surveyance offers thorough inspections of various electrical components to ensure they meet all safety standards. These include:

  • Control panels
  • Battery banks
  • Distribution boards
  • Servers
  • Switch fuses and isolators
  • Switch panels & switchboards
  • Transformers

During our surveys, we utilise thermal imaging technology to identify potential problems such as:

Corrosion: Early detection can prevent electrical failures and potential fire hazards.
High Resistance In Fuses & Switchgears: This can lead to overheating and equipment malfunction.
Loose Connections: These can create arcing, increasing fire risk.
Overloads: Overloaded circuits can cause overheating and damage to equipment.
Phase Imbalances: This can lead to inefficient operation and equipment wear-and-tear.

By investing in a thermal imaging inspection, you gain invaluable peace of mind knowing your electrical system is functioning safely and efficiently. We are dedicated to ensuring your systems operate optimally, minimising downtime and potential risks.

Contact us today to schedule your electrical system thermal imaging survey and prioritise the safety of your premises and personnel.

Drone Surveys in Chesterfield

Beyond capturing stunning visuals, drones are rapidly transforming the way surveys are conducted, and at Build IR we have implemented them into our surveying service.

By embracing this new technology, our team has enhanced its capabilities and now offers a range of drone-based survey solutions for clients in and around Chesterfield.

Our drones facilitate efficient and safe surveys for a variety of applications:

  • Roof Inspections
  • Solar Farm Inspections
  • Large Building Surveys
  • Rooftop Solar Panel Inspections
  • Challenging Access Locations

By choosing drone-based surveys from our team, you can experience significant advantages:

We can assist both commercial and domestic clients with their survey needs. We are always open to discussing your specific requirements and tailoring our drone services to meet your objectives.

Air Tightness Testing in Chesterfield

Air Tightness Testing in Chesterfield

Building airtightness regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, and failing an air leakage test can lead to delays, additional costs, and frustration.

At Build IR, we offer comprehensive air tightness services to help you achieve compliance and optimise your building’s performance throughout the construction process.

Our team of experienced professionals provides early-stage air tightness recommendations as we work with you during the design stage to identify and address potential issues. This proactive approach helps you avoid costly rework and minimise the risk of failed initial tests.

We offer three distinct services to cater to your specific needs and provide comprehensive support:

Desktop Design Review: We review your construction plans before construction begins, ensuring air tightness is considered in the design phase.

On-site Design Review: We collaborate with you, your project team, and relevant subcontractors to discuss air tightness considerations and implement adjustments on the spot.

Site Advice Visit: We visit your construction site to assess air tightness and safety concerns. Depending on the complexity, this could involve one or multiple visits.

Our fully qualified and insured team leverages its expertise to provide clear, actionable advice tailored to your specific project. Whether you require air tightness recommendations, design reviews, or site advice for your new commercial or residential property, look no further than Build IR.

Contact us today and experience the benefits of partnering with a leading air tightness consultant!

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Why Thermography?

Thermal imaging is a type of photography which visualises heat which is unseen by the human eye. By using high resolution thermal imaging equipment each image produced is made up of more than 600,000 temperature measurements allowing us to compare large areas and identify even the smallest difference in temperature to highlight possible defects.

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