Thermal Inspections In Rotherham

Here at Build IR, we are devoted to serving building thermal inspections in Rotherham to all clients, both in the commercial and residential sectors.

During the many years, we have developed a well built portfolio, created with experience and knowledge around providing thermal imaging surveys to both residential and elite commercial buildings.


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BREEAM Thermographic Surveys Carried Out

Thermal Inspections In Rotherham

Build IR is a specialist company which offers building thermal imaging surveys to both commercial and residential areas in Rotherham.

Over the years, our company has gained vast experience and knowledge in carrying out building thermal imaging surveys on major multi-million commercial buildings as well as performing these for individual homeowners.

Rest assured as our team are:

  • Fully insured
  • UKTA approved thermographers
  • Compliant with the requirements of ISO 18436:7
  • Hold all relevant electrical engineering qualifications
  • Experienced with dealing with the most complex installations

The services which we offer are well-known for identifying any issues within your property or resolving any outstanding disputes with builders or contractors.

Our team may suggest a quality control survey to confirm that your insulation has been correctly installed and that no heat is able to escape during these surveys.

Residential Homeowners: Choosing to have your home assessed can help you rapidly find areas which are costing you money, whether it is due to heat loss or to your gas or electricity.

Facility Managers: If you are losing heat from your buildings, whether small amounts or a considerable lot, this can often become a significant financial burden for both you and any tenants. Using our cameras to detect heat loss can give your tenants confidence that you are dealing with the problem while also lowering your carbon impact.

Commercial Developers: As you near the end of your project, our team can confirm completion and make sure there are no defects or difficulties with the building before finalising and handing it over by using our specialist cameras!

If you are in need of a thermal imaging survey in Rotherham, book yours with us today!

Thermal Inspections In Rotherham

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The Benefits  Of Thermographic Inspections / Surveys In Rotherham

Carrying out your inspections with a thermal imaging camera will provide a number of beneficial factors for both homeowners and commercial building owners based in Rotherham.

We use modern thermal imaging cameras which are able to identify a variety of anomalies within your structures that the human eye cannot possibly see. These can include things such as:

These can include issues such as:

  • Heat loss
  • Air leakage
  • Defective insulation
  • Cold bridging
  • Moisture

You will be unable to detect these complications and the places from where they are emanating if you do not use our team and cameras!

Not only are our cameras capable of identifying the following areas, but we can reduce your spendings and the level of risk factor which usually comes with inspecting.

Scaffolding or machinery will no longer be required in order to gain access into higher levels. Therefore, there is no need to be working at height and in turn lowers the fatality risk!

When it comes to a building, roofs are critical components to all building constructions and must be inspected and assessed on a regular basis. We will look for any significant areas of weakness, heat loss, or water leakage.

Here at Build IR, we can inspect any roofing in or around Rotherham, regardless of whether the surface is flat, sloped, or insulated.

BREEAM Surveys in Rotherham

If you need a BREEAM Survey on a business property in the Rotherham area, our team are the ones to contact!

Over the course of our operation, our team have participated in over 500 BREEAM surveys and are aware of the specific criteria that must be met in order to pass.

If your building was to fail, our team can work alongside you to identify where it failed and areas which have concerns and require correcting. Once we have finished, you will get your building over the finishing line!

In order for a BREEAM survey to be performed, the following things must be completed.

Your buildings envelope must be finalised

The heating should be on and operating

We require a difference of a minimum of 10˚C between the internal and external termperature

Please closely inspect the weather conditions prior to your survey to ensure they are appropriate

We require your building to be safe which includes – insulation correctly installed, no excess thermal bridging, as well as no air leakage (intentional openings are allowed)

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Moisture / Water Leak Inspections in Rotherham

Unfortunately, moisture or water leaks can have detrimental effects on the structures and facades of our buildings.

If water or moisture enters your building, your construction materials, fixtures, and fittings will unfortunately have a much shorter lifespan than usual, presenting health and safety hazards.

We are able to detect leaks, moisture, and condensation within your structures using our top spec cameras before they become a significant problem.

Unfortunately, by performing these checks directly with your naked eye, you will not be able to provide an accurate image of the extent of water damage.

Choose our team to carry these surveys out on both commercial and domestic buildings in Rotherham.

Underfloor Heating Thermal Imaging in Rotherham

Once your underfloor heating system has been completed and everything is in place, the only way to see if it is working is to walk along. How would you feel if we told you we could do it far more easily?

By using our thermal imaging cameras, we can assess the floor and identify the exact areas which need addressing. Our imaging will show areas which are cooler and therefore will inform us that the flooring is malfunctioning in this area.

This is useful not only for diagnosing, but it can also assist you in locating your underfloor heating pipes.

We can determine whether your heating system is not only working properly, but also effectively.

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Freezer / Cold Stores Thermal Testing in Rotherham

The energy needed to operate a commercial freezer / cold store running at the appropriate temperatures is extremely expensive. If there was a heat loss area, this would escalate your costs and decrease the lifespan of the building’s components.

We assess commercial cold stores and freezers, whether new or old, while they are still operating to maximise total performance.

If you do not have your cold store or freezer surveyed and correctly assessed, you run the risk of:

  • Corrosion
  • High resistance in fuses and switch-gears
  • Loose connections
  • Overloads
  • Phase imbalances

We will be looking for the above in the following areas:

  • Control panels
  • Battery banks
  • Distribution boards
  • Servers
  • Switch fuses and isolators
  • Switch panels & switchboards
  • Transformers

Our team want to keep our clients safe and their electricals correctly working so let our team survey your components and receive peace of mind that everything is working appropriately.

Avoid the risk of damaging and drastically reducing the lifespan by not having our staff inspect your cold store or freezer!

Drone Surveys In Rotherham

Drone Surveys in Rotherham

The Build IR team employs drones for a range of surveys linked to construction and renovations, ensuring all assessments are done in a more efficient and safe manner.

Our drones can conduct a variety of surveys to make life much simpler for all of our clients in and around Rotherham and include:

  • Buildings with very poor access/ inaccessible to carry out the survey on foot
  • Large building surveys
  • Roof surveys
  • Rooftop solar panel surveys
  • Solar farm surveys

By using our drones to conduct your surveys, you will reduce your time, prevent hazards, and gain access to tough locations!

Our staff are always delighted to assist commercial and residential clients with our drone surveys, so to learn more, please contact our team!

Air Tightness Testing in Rotherham

During the construction process, our staff can provide you with air tightness recommendations. Air tightness testing, also known as air leakage or air permeable testing, is now required for new commercial and residential structures that are required to meet Building Regulations Part L.

We will provide advice throughout the entirety of your design process to ensure that you save time and money while also minimising the possibilities of a failed first-time air test, avoiding corrective work, running over completion date, and limiting the odds of your building requiring a re-test.

We can examine your preliminary design in three different ways:

Desktop Design Review: We can examine your air tightness strategy and ensure that this was considered from the beginning, rather than after everything has begun and it is too late to easily correct.

On-site Design Review: Allow our staff, your design and project team, and any applicable subcontractors to meet face to face to discuss your project plans. As a result, modifications can be taken into consideration and implemented immediately.

Site Advice Visit: This involves another face-to-face consultation, but this time we will assess your property for air tightness and safety. Based on the complexity, this can range from one inspection to multiple.

With the use of our cameras and the added function of the drones, we can provide an assortment of services to both business and domestic clients.

Our goal is to ensure our customers’ safety while also saving them both time and money. We offer thermographic training and air tightness training courses in addition to offering our clients with a variety of economical and beneficial forms of surveys.

We recognise the necessity of high-quality training in order to receive the highest standards, and we work hard to ensure that these are sustained across the business.

We are fully insured, qualified, and trained to handle any surveys or difficulties that may arise. If you live in or near Rotherham, please contact us to discuss your survey requests, project plans, or thermography training.

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Why Thermography?

Thermal imaging is a type of photography which visualises heat which is unseen by the human eye. By using high resolution thermal imaging equipment each image produced is made up of more than 600,000 temperature measurements allowing us to compare large areas and identify even the smallest difference in temperature to highlight possible defects.

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