Flat Roof Leak Detection

Thermographic surveys are an innovative solution for detecting leaks in flat roofs. This non-destructive method uses thermal imaging technology to pinpoint areas where moisture is present within the roof system.

Our skilled thermographers conduct drone surveys directly on the roof, identifying the location of water and allowing us to zero in on the exact source of the leak. Our targeted approach saves you time, money, and unnecessary repairs compared to traditional methods.


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BREEAM Thermographic Surveys Carried Out

Our Method To Finding Moisture & Water Infiltration in Flat Roofs:

In advance of the survey being conducted, our clients will receive a comprehensive risk assessment and method statement. This document outlines our survey procedures and the safety precautions we implement to guarantee the efficient and safe completion of the work.

After this step has been completed, our flat roof leak detection thermal inspection can take place which produce remarkable results on a wide range of flat roof constructions and materials. This includes single-ply membranes, bitumen felt, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer), GRP (glass reinforced plastic), hot melt and cold applied liquids – all whether laid above insulation or boarding.

A significant advantage over the traditional methods other inspection services may provide is our electronic leak detection have the ability to scan even conductive materials like EPDM. Furthermore, as thermal imaging is a non-contact method, inspections can be conducted on inaccessible or unsafe roofs.

We achieve this through using drone technology which can execute inspections at far higher vantage points than manual inspections and is available to all clients of Build IR through our drone thermal imaging surveys.

For roofs that are inaccessible or require a broader view, our thermal cameras are a necessity as they can be mounted on a mast or unmanned aerial drone. The camera is then elevated or flown over the roof at the optimal time and under suitable weather conditions. Alternatively, if a higher vantage point exists, such as from a neighboring roof, it can also be used for the thermal inspection.

In the interest of thoroughness, whenever possible, we strongly recommend facilitating safe access to the roof. This access allows our team to conduct a meticulous visual inspection and confirm any suspected moisture intrusion.

We also employ secondary, passive methods making use of radio-capacitance roofing meters. These meters are designed to precisely detect the presence of moisture within the roofing system. For an extra layer of confidence in what we do, we frequently offer a combined service that incorporates both infrared inspection and moisture mapping.

At Build IR we go beyond standard thermographic roof surveys. We understand that every roof is unique, and that’s why we offer a variety of inspection approaches. Whether access allows us to work from inside the roof void, below the roof scanning the soffit, or even from a distance, we’ve got you covered.

Before any inspection, we emphasise clear communication and will discuss your specific goals with you, considering factors sch as the roof’s construction, current season, and desired outcomes. With this information, we’ll recommend the most effective and cost-conscious method for your specific situation.

This commitment to flexibility ensures you receive the most accurate and valuable thermographic roof survey possible.

Our Thermographic Roof Survey Inspection is carried out:

To pinpoint roof leaks quickly and efficiently.

To identify and highlight the extent of water ingress within a client’s roof structure.

To verify roof integrity before warranties expire.

To confirm successful repairs and ensure long-lasting results.

Build IR can Help You with Moisture Intrusion in Flat Roofs 

As the weather changes and the conditions for a useful building envelope survey for heat loss / thermal performance comes to a close, the conditions for flat roof moisture surveys opens up.

Using the heat / solar radiation from the day to ‘energise’ the roof, and the changes in thermal capacitance of wet insulation, we can quickly identify areas of roof with potential moisture ingress.

This process is made easier and safer by employing the latest UAV technology through drones to reach areas without the need for working at height or expensive access equipment. Our owner Richard stated the pros are wide ranging: 

‘A flat roof leak detection thermal survey offers several advantages in maintaining building integrity. By utilising infrared technology, it identifies hidden moisture within roofing materials, preventing potential structural damage and leaks. Early detection of moisture infiltration enables timely repairs, mitigating the risk of extensive and costly damage to the building’s interior. Additionally, thermal surveys facilitate targeted repairs, minimising disruption to daily operations and reducing repair expenses. Proactively addressing moisture issues prolongs the lifespan of the roof, preserving its structural integrity and avoiding the need for premature replacement.’

Examples Of Our Thermal Imaging Flat Roof Leak Detection:

Thermal Imaging Example 1

Locating Water Infiltrations Present in Flat Roofs

Thermal imaging is also used to detect water infiltration in flat roofs as water retains heat longer than the rest of the roofing material and can easily be detected with a thermal imaging camera very late in the evening or at night after the rest of the roof has cooled down.

This has significant implications for active worksites where standard inspections may interrupt the daily running of operations for a business – by effectively pinpointing areas which have leaks, tremendous savings can be made by repairing wet areas rather than replacing the entire roof.

Why Choose Build IR for your Flat Roof Leak Inspections?

Locate Roof Leaks with Confidence: Our team uses high-specification thermal imaging equipment and their extensive knowledge to the very best flat roof leak detection service. This non-invasive and non-disruptive survey typically takes just one visit and provides a comprehensive report within 4 business days.

Independent Assessment, Accurate Results: Unlike some roofing companies, we are a completely independent service. This means we have no vested interest in recommending unnecessary repairs or replacements – our sole focus is providing an unbiased and professional inspection.

Detailed Report for Informed Decisions: Following the survey, you’ll receive a detailed report outlining our findings. This report includes thermal and digital images, alongside a clear analysis and recommendations. This information allows you to make informed decisions about any necessary repairs.

Continuity of insulation 1

We pride ourselves on offering:

Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 1

A Great Customer Experience

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A Professional Service

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All recommendations backed up by building / air tightness knowledge

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A Competitive Price

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