Our BREEAM IAQ (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method Indoor Air Quality) assessments, can help you achieve those much-needed BREEAM credits.

What can we offer for BREEAM IAQ HEA02?

The credits available for HEA02 are:

Preparation of a site-specific Indoor Air Quality Plan (IAQP) – Prerequisite to target other credits.

Detailed review of proposed building ventilation arrangements and associated alarms – 1 Credit

Detailed review of potential emissions associated with finishing materials utilised as part of construction and fit out works – 2 Credits

Post-construction Indoor Air Quality Testing – 1 Credit

Why Should A Project Pursue Credits Associated With HEA02 ‘Indoor Air Quality?’

Even in newly constructed or renovated buildings, the indoor environment can present health risks to the people inside. This risk arises from the release of harmful substances found in construction materials, interior finishes, and furnishings, such as paints.

Moreover, inadequately planned ventilation systems can lead to the accumulation of airborne pollutants. When combined, these issues can lead to a decline in the quality of indoor air, resulting in adverse health consequences for those who inhabit the space.

Meeting the requirements outlined in BREEAM Hea 02, which addresses Indoor Air Quality, encourages a proactive approach to decreasing pollutant levels within the building during the design, construction, and finalization stages.

This, in turn, minimizes the emission of harmful indoor pollutants and reduces potential exposure. Ultimately, it enhances the indoor environment of the project and, most importantly, promotes the health and well-being of its occupants.

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