SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model)

Receive professional advice and guidance on your SBEM calculations, with accurate readings taken on HVAC and build envelope.

Why do you need a SBEM Assessment?

SBEM assessments are a mandatory requirement for any heated, new commercial building which has a floor space greater than 50m2.

When looking to make a comprehensive SBEM calculation it is important to know how best to approach it.

At Build IR we can save you both time and money by:

Reviewing your plans & specification with recommendations.

Taking comprehensive HVAC readings and surveying your building both on the ground and from the air if necessary.

Helping identify areas for improvement in a building’s energy efficiency. By implementing recommended changes, property owners can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the building’s energy consumption.

Helping you meet energy efficiency standards through SBEM assessments ensures legal compliance with environmental and energy regulations. Non-compliance can lead to legal consequences and fines.

Our SBEM assessments contributing to the generation of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). EPCs provide a standardized way of communicating a building’s energy efficiency to potential buyers or tenants, helping them make informed decisions.


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