Drone Thermal Imaging Surveys

Build IR can carry out all or part of our thermal survey investigations using a Drone-mounted Thermal imaging camera if practical. By using drones, we can access hard to reach areas where a thermal survey may be required.

Our Drone Specialists

At Build IR, we understand the value of using drone thermal imaging surveys:

To reduce risk

To eliminate access problems

To increase the speed of data capture (especially on large-scale projects)

To reduce cost

We work with leading specialists within the industry, to deliver high quality thermal imaging data capture using high-performance, industrial specification drones, combined with PCN Category 3 analysis & reporting. Our team includes a CAA Approved Drone Operator, meaning we are licenced to fly drones anywhere in the UK.

Working at height comes with increased risks and restrictions. Fortunately, we can eliminate that risk, to ensure that no matter how challenging the circumstances may be, each survey can be completed efficiently and economically!

Drone Thermal Imaging Surveys 1
Drone Thermal Imaging Surveys 2

Our Drone Thermal Imaging Surveys Service

We are CCA Approved and our inspections can be used for a variety of different requests, these can include:


External Building and Roof Surveys

Our building and roof surveys are incredibly efficient and known for saving clients significant time, allowing it to be put to better use. Within the same time frame it can take to organise safety briefings and to perform the inspection, our drones can perform the entire survey multiple times and send live data for analysis.

Roof moisture ingress surveys

All of our commercial drone surveys are performed using the most refined drones to ensure that all roof survey data and analytics are presented to our client in the clearest and most accurate form.

Housing stock surveys

We can conduct thermal imaging surveys on domestic builds, with our FLIR thermographic drones being capable of spotting any abnormalities or defects present, all the way from roof to ground level.

Rooftop Solar Panel Surveys

There is a large list of benefits which comes with employing our drone services for land surveys, including a remarkably faster turnaround time whilst also being more affordable. We can survey a significant are of land, whether in an urban or country setting.

Solar farm surveys

As the majority of Solar PV Systems are installed on sloping roofs, manual surveys can be notably difficult and dangerous, oftentimes requiring cherry pickers to be employed at a greater cost. Our drone solar panel surveys remove this headache, whilst also being able to detect DC Ground Faults, PID Faults, Electrical Issues and much more.

We pride ourselves on offering:

Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 1

A Great Customer Experience

Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2

A Professional Service

Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 3

All recommendations backed up by building / air tightness knowledge

Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 4

A Competitive Price

Benefits of a Drone Thermal Survey:

Reduced Risk

Time Saving

Enhance Accessibility

Reduced Costs

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