Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

Water leaks and moisture within a building’s façade can have disastrous consequences.

They can drastically shorten the lifespan of building materials, ruin fixtures and fittings, and affect the health of the building’s occupants.


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Build IR can Help You with Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

Thermal imaging can detect water leaks and moisture within the structure of a building. It can even predict areas of a building’s façade at risk of surface condensation BEFORE it becomes a problem.

Build IR uses thermal imaging alongside moisture meters to identify and confirm the location of moisture to allow you to rectify problem areas within your building.

Spotting Moisture & Water Leaks:

Water and Moisture leaks are one of the hardest problems to identify in any building. More often than not, Water and Moisture leaks are not spotted until it’s too late. However, by using Thermal Imaging, these leaks can be spotted before they get out-of-hand, preventing costly repairs from having to take place.

Examples Of A Thermal Imaging Leak Detection:

Thermal Imaging Example 1
Thermal Imaging Leak Detection 1
Thermal Imaging Example 2
Thermal Imaging Leak Detection 2
Thermal Imaging Example 3
Thermal Imaging Leak Detection 3

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