PSI-Value Calculations

Our PSI-Value Calculation services provides a comprehensive assessment of your buildings insulation and thermal efficiency.

Using PSI-Value Calculation data, you can make informed decisions to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

What is a PSI-Value Calculation?

Psi-Value Calculations are used to determine a structure’s overall loss of heat at a junction (also referred to as non-repeating thermal bridges).

This is not the same as U-Values, which only account for heat loss through thermal elements (walls, windows, floors, etc.). A thermal bridge is part of a building with a higher heat transfer, as it occurs where two thermal elements meet.

Why are PSI-Values essential?

When a SAP or SBEM assessment is taking place, PSI values are used. If the specific PSI values for your property are not measured accurately with a PSI Value Calculation, a default PSI Value will be used.

This more often than not, is lower than the actual PSI Value of your property, significantly impacting your results and potentially meaning your property doesn’t meet standards.

Building Regulations require that all SAP and SBEM assessments include a thermal bridging component, regardless of whether a PSI Value is provided or not. If you are striving to meet higher levels of sustainability, it is essential that you have a thermal bridging component.

Some common examples of where heat loss can occur are:

Window Sills and Lintels;

Jambs on Doors and Windows;

Where an Exposed Wall meets a Floor;

Where an External Wall meets a Balcony;

Why use Build IR?

We’re your go-to for accurate PSI calculations that elevate your projects – why settle for uncertainty when you can have confidence?

Our advanced calculations go beyond just numbers – they ensure precision in every detail of your designs. Whether it’s about structural integrity or fluid dynamics, we’re here to guide you through complexities.

We’re not just a company – we’re dedicated to excellence! Our team is passionate about redefining possibilities to make sure your projects not only meet but surpass expectations.

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