Part F Ventilation

In order to meet the requirements, set out under Part F of the Building Regulations, it is now a requirement to test ventilation systems in all new build developments.

About Part F Ventilation

Part F was approved and took effect on June 2022 for use in England, with stricter requirements set out to support Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations 2010.

Part F of the Building Regulations specifically addresses ventilation in buildings and it’s purpose is to ensure buildings have sufficent ventilation to maintain good indoor air quality and prevent issues such as condensation and mold growth.

Part F covers various aspects of ventilation, including the provision of fresh air, the removal of pollutants, and the prevention of excessive humidity. It outlines requirements for both new constructions and existing buildings undergoing certain types of renovations or alterations.

Ventilation strategies may involve natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, or a combination of both. The goal is to achieve a healthy and comfortable indoor environment while also promoting energy efficiency. Adequate ventilation is crucial for occupant well-being and contributes to the overall performance and sustainability of a building.

However, it is important for builders to strike a balance as too much ventilation will cause excessive heat loss, leading to more costly heating bills and a larger carbon footprint than would have existed if expert recommendations, such as those provided by Build IR, were heeded.

Compliance with Part F regulations is necessary for obtaining building approvals, and it ensures that ventilation systems are designed and installed to meet the required standards. Professionals in the construction and building services industry need to be aware of and adhere to Part F ventilation requirements to ensure that buildings provide a safe and healthy living or working environment.

Why Do You Need A Ventilation Test

Ventilation testing is mandated by Part F in England and Wales, Section 3 in Scotland, and Part K in Northern Ireland of The Building Regulations – this segment of The Building Regulations is dedicated to ensuring indoor air quality.

Ensuring that your ventilation systems meet a satisfactory standard is crucial, as inadequate indoor air quality can render a dwelling an unhealthy and inappropriate to live-in environment. Ventilation testing is requisite for all new build dwellings and certain conversions to guarantee compliance with these regulatory standards.

How Build IR Can Help

Fortunately for our clients, Build IR can accurately gauge a build’s ventilation level, undertaking comprehensive reports

Our ventilation examinations are carried out utilising equipment calibrated by UKAS and administered by a BPEC registered engineer who has successfully undergone the BPEC Domestic Ventilation course.

These assessments are mandatory for System 4 (Continuous mechanical balanced system with heat recovery) and are also applicable to System 1 (Background ventilators and intermittent extract fans) and System 3 (Continuous mechanical extract).

We will need the following information:

SAP Calculations

Ventilation Type

Floor Plans & Sections

Occupant Schedule

When Should A Ventilation Test Be Carried Out?

We recommend conducting a ventilation test as soon as the ventilation system becomes operational, even if the building is not entirely finished.

In the event of any challenges identified during the testing, remedial or refitting works might be required to address the issues. It is important to note that any unforeseen additional works may impact the final appearance of the building.

At Build IR we suggest coordinating ventilation testing concurrently with your air pressure and/or sound insulation testing.

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