Thermal Inspections In Bradford

We are a professional company who offer building thermal imaging surveys to clients both commercial and residential in and around Bradford.

Throughout the years in operation, we have gained a great level of experience and knowledge in providing building thermal imaging surveys to commercial building and residential homeowners.


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BREEAM Thermographic Surveys Carried Out

Thermal Inspections In Bradford

By choosing to use Build IR to carry out thermal inspections in Bradford for your commercial or residential buildings you will gain access to a multitude of benefits!

During the surveying of your building, our thermal imaging cameras are capable of taking thermographic images which are perfect for highlighting differing temperatures throughout a building’s envelope.

After our team have completed the survey, our engineers will fill you in on the overall performance which will highlight areas that require remedial work and those which need immediate action.

We’re not just about catching problems—we’re invested in guaranteeing your insulation’s performance matches your needs and the regulations required.

Through quality control surveys, we proactively ensure it is installed flawlessly, locking in every ounce of energy savings for you.

Residential Homeowners: Stop throwing money out the window. Thermal imaging can pinpoint areas where heat is escaping along with draft-infested zones – if the owner follows the subsequent recommended actions the home will be cosier with lower bills.

Facility Managers: Save big on heating bills while keeping tenants happy (and warm!). Our thermal cameras expose hidden heat leaks, so you can fix issues, reduce costs, and shrink your carbon footprint.

Commercial Developers: Rest easy before a final handover as our thermal imaging lets you confirm flawless construction and identify any pesky defects hiding under the surface.

Thermal Inspections In Bradford

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The Benefits Of Thermographic Inspections / Surveys

Traditional inspections are great, but they can only reveal so much…but what if you could see beyond the surface and identify potential problems before they become costly headaches?

That’s where advanced thermal imaging comes in. With our cutting-edge cameras, we can detect subtle temperature variations which allows us to pinpoint hidden issues that might otherwise go unnoticed, saving you money, time, and stress in the long run.

Some of these issues can include:

  • Heat loss
  • Air leakage
  • Defective insulation
  • Cold bridging
  • Moisture

Unfortunately, without the use of our cameras, many of these issues would go unnoticed for months or even years as they are all invisible to the naked eye.


Our drone-powered inspections offer a safer, more cost-effective alternative to traditional methods. Forget cumbersome scaffolding and the risks that come from working at a high elevation as we capture detailed roof data without ever needing to set foot on the surface.

Regular roof inspections are crucial for maintaining structural integrity and preventing costly repairs.

Our drones can evaluate flat, sloped, and even insulated roofs with pinpoint accuracy, identifying potential weak points, heat loss areas, and leaks before they turn into major problems.

Serving all areas in and around Bradford, we provide comprehensive roof assessments that give you peace of mind and help you optimise your building’s performance.

BREEAM Surveys in Bradford

Do you need a BREEAM Survey for your Bradford based property?

Look no further as our team have gained extensive experience, having successfully completed over 500 BREEAM surveys over the years.

We understand the criteria for achieving that coveted certification and how best to adapt a building to get it, so even if your building doesn’t initially hit the mark, we’re with you every step of the way.

We’ll collaborate closely to identify and resolve any discrepancies, helping you secure that valuable BREEAM certification.

This isn’t just about a survey…it’s about unlocking your building’s full potential for sustainability and efficiency.

Do bear in mind that before any BREEAM survey can take place, the following needs to be addressed:

Have your building envelopes been finalised?

Is your heating up and running?

Is there a minimum of 10˚ C difference between the internal and external temperature difference prior to the survey?

Have you been following the weather conditions to ensure that the survey can be carried out?

Is your building safe? This includes your insulation being correctly installed, no additional thermal bridging, along with no air leaks (unless this is an intentional opening)

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Moisture / Water Leak Inspections in Bradford

We all know the damage water can cause – from unsightly stains to structural damage and health risks but the true risk often lies hidden within walls, ceilings, and foundations of a property.

When moisture or leaks go undetected, even seemingly minor issues can lead to a cascade of problems: shortened lifespan of materials, structural weakening, and potential health hazards.

This is where our leak surveying service comes in. We can peer beyond the surface, pinpointing leaks, moisture pockets, and even early signs of condensation before they become major headaches.

Relying solely on visual inspections can be misleading, masking the true extent of water damage. Our specialists, equipped with cutting-edge tools, can provide a comprehensive picture of your building’s health, whether it’s a residential home or a commercial property in Bradford.

Don’t let hidden moisture threaten your building’s integrity and safety.

Contact us today and schedule your thorough thermal inspections in Bradford.

Underfloor Heating Thermal Imaging in Bradford

Once your new underfloor heating system is installed and up and running, it’s important to ensure its functioning optimally for maximum comfort and efficiency.

At Build IR, we offer a comprehensive survey service that utilises cutting-edge thermal imaging technology to provide a detailed assessment of your system’s performance.

Our thermal imaging cameras allow us to see beyond the surface, revealing the hidden world of heat distribution beneath your floor.

This advanced technology enables us to:

Identify Uneven Heat Distribution: Thermal imaging can pinpoint areas where the heat is not reaching, ensuring consistent warmth throughout your space.

Detecting Underfloor Leaks: Even the smallest leaks can be quickly identified with a thermal camera, preventing potential damage and costly repairs.

Visualise & Map UFH Pipes: Knowing the exact location of your underfloor heating pipes is crucial for future maintenance or renovations.

Underfloor Imaging In Bradford

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Freezer / Cold Stores Thermal Testing in Bradford

Keeping perishable goods fresh and safe in commercial freezers and cold stores requires precise temperature control. However, achieving these low temperatures can be energy-intensive. This is where identifying and addressing inefficiencies becomes crucial.

Even minor heat leaks, often undetectable to the human eye, can significantly increase your operational costs and shorten the lifespan of your equipment and building.

Our comprehensive evaluation services, available for both new and existing facilities, are designed to help you maximise efficiency and minimise energy consumption in your cold storage.

Skipping regular inspections and assessments can lead to:

Higher Cooling Costs: Inefficient systems can significantly impact your bottom line.
Safety Concerns: Ice buildup creates slipping hazards and can damage stored goods.
Moisture Damage: Trapped moisture can compromise the lifespan of your insulation and building materials, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

Protect your investment and ensure optimal performance by scheduling a professional inspection of your cold storage or freezer. Our experienced staff uses advanced techniques to pinpoint potential issues and recommend effective solutions.

Electrical Thermal Imaging in Bradford

Electrical problems often lurk unseen, waiting to cause costly disruptions and potentially dangerous situations. That’s where our electrical thermal imaging steps in, your most reliable line of defence for safeguarding your business.

We’re committed to your safety and want to ensure your electrical infrastructure is functioning flawlessly. With our comprehensive thermal inspections In Bradford , we can provide a clear picture of your electrical system’s health, pinpointing potential issues before they escalate.

Some things which we can survey include:

  • Control panels
  • Servers
  • Battery banks
  • Transformers
  • Switch fuses
  • Isolators
  • Switch boards
  • Distribution boards

Whilst our team are carrying out their surveys, they will be looking for specific things other than general wear and tear. Such things can include:

  • Corrosion
  • Overloading
  • Phase imbalances
  • High resistance in fuses
  • Loose connections

Here at Build IR, our main aim is to guarantee that our clients are safe, and all of their electrical appliances are in working order.

Choose our team today and have peace of mind that you are in the best hands.

Drone Surveys in Bradford

As technology advances, drones are transcending their reputation for capturing picture-perfect landscapes. Our team harnesses their potential for a wide range of surveys, revolutionising efficiency, and safety across the board.

We leverage drones to conduct an array of surveys, tailored to simplify life for our clients. Whether it’s mapping vast landscapes, inspecting critical infrastructure, or meticulously charting construction sites, our drone experts deliver accurate, detailed data with remarkable speed and agility.

This cutting-edge approach not only streamlines projects and reduces costs, but also minimises risk – sending drones instead of humans into hazardous or hard-to-reach areas to conduct:

Not only will you be in the best hands if you choose to work with Build IR Bradford, but you will be saving time, costs, reducing risks, and reaching those areas you never dreamt of seeing!

We are always on hand to help and support current and future clients, whether you are commercial or residential, with our drone surveys.

Thermal Inspections In Bradford

Air Tightness Testing in Bradford

Building a new commercial or domestic space?

Air tightness might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s a crucial factor in ensuring:

Energy Efficiency: A well-sealed building retains heat better, reducing your reliance on costly heating systems and lowering your carbon footprint.
Improved Comfort: Consistent temperature control means no more draughty corners or stuffy rooms, leading to happier occupants.
Reduced Noise Pollution: A tightly sealed envelope keeps unwanted noise out, creating a peaceful and productive environment.

That’s where our team comes in as we can deliver comprehensive air tightness testing consultancy with actionable items provided at all levels of construction.

Get in touch with our team today to get your air tightness checked with our thermal inspections in Bradford or surrounding areas!

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Why Thermography?

Thermal imaging is a type of photography which visualises heat which is unseen by the human eye. By using high resolution thermal imaging equipment each image produced is made up of more than 600,000 temperature measurements allowing us to compare large areas and identify even the smallest difference in temperature to highlight possible defects.

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