Thermal Inspections In Sheffield

We are a specialist company which provides building thermal imaging surveys to both commercial and residential locations spread throughout Sheffield.

During the years of our company being in operation, we have developed extensive experience and knowledge in carrying out building thermal imaging surveys for prestigious multi-million commercial buildings all the way to individual homeowners.


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BREEAM Thermographic Surveys Carried Out

Thermal Inspections In Sheffield

Gain access to numerous benefits by choosing Build IR Ltd to carry out a thermal survey for your commercial or residential property.

As we survey your building, our thermal imaging camera will take thermographic images which record varying temperatures across your building’s envelope.

Once the survey is complete, our engineers can inform you of your buildings thermal performance to help inform you where remedial work is required, and which areas need to be specifically targeted.

These surveys are not just for issues and faults as we can also carry out quality control surveys to ensure that your insulation has been appropriately installed and no heat is being lost.

Residential Homeowners: Assessments of your home can help to quickly identify areas which are costing you money, or leading to uncomfortable living conditions.

Facility Managers: Losing heat from your properties, whether they are small or large, can have a substantial financial impact for both you and any tenants. Using our cameras to identify areas of heat loss will help instil confidence with your tenants as you are addressing the heating issues and reducing your carbon footprint.

Commercial Developers: As you come to the end of your project, confirm the completion and ensure that there are no defects or issues within the building before finalising and handing over the building!

If you require a thermal imaging survey in Sheffield, book yours today!

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The Benefits Of Thermographic Inspections / Surveys

Carrying out an inspections with a thermal imaging camera will provide a number of beneficial factors for both homeowners and commercial building owners based in Sheffield.

We use advanced thermal imaging cameras which are capable of detecting a series of abnormalities within your buildings which go unnoticed to the naked eye.

These can include issues such as:

  • Heat loss
  • Air leakage
  • Defective insulation
  • Cold bridging
  • Moisture

Without our cameras, you will be unable to identify these issues and the likely causes.


Not only are our cameras capable of identifying the following listed anomalies areas, but we can reduce your spendings and the level of risk which usually comes with inspecting intrusively.

There will no longer be any need for using scaffolding or machinery to gain access to higher elevations. This means that it is no longer necessary to work at height, reducing the risk of fatalities dramatically.

With roofs playing a vital part in all building structures, they must be regularly inspected and assessed. We will check for any areas of significant weakness, heat loss, and water leakage.

We can check all roofs in or around Sheffield, no matter whether the surface is flat, sloped, or insulated.

BREEAM Surveys in Sheffield

If you require a BREEAM Survey on your commercial property and are based in Sheffield, our team is the one for you!

Our team have successfully been involved in over 500 BREEAM surveys over the course of our time operating and are aware of the criteria’s you must meet to successfully pass.

If we carry out the survey and your building was to fail, we will work alongside you to identify and rectify any issues which will help to gain that all important credit!

In order for a BREEAM survey to be performed, the following things must be completed:

Your buildings envelope must be finalised

The heating should be up and running

A minimum of 10˚C internal/external temperature differential must be achieved prior to the survey

Weather conditions must be closely inspected to ensure the survey can be carried out

Ensure that your building is safe, insulation is correctly installed, no excess thermal bridging, as well as no air leakage (intentional openings are permitted), by choosing our team to carry out your BREEAM survey!

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Moisture / Water Leak Inspections in Sheffield

Many of us are aware of the disastrous consequences which moisture or water leaks can have on our buildings and the façades.

Unfortunately, if water or moisture enters your building materials, fixtures, and fittings they will have a much shorter lifespan than usual as well as creating safety and health concerns.

With our cameras, we can detect any leaks, moisture, or even condensation within your structures before this becomes a serious issue.

Carrying these visual tests out manually with just your naked eye will not provide a true picture of the presence or severity of water damage.

Our team can carry these leak detection surveys out on both commercial and domestic buildings in Sheffield.

Underfloor Heating Thermal Imaging in Sheffield

Once new underfloor heating has been installed and commissioned, we can survey the system to check that it is functioning correctly.

By using our thermal imaging cameras, we can assess the floor and identify the exact areas which need addressing. Our imaging equipment can check for heat distribution, underfloor leaks and identify areas that are not working.

Thermal imaging is also useful for existing underfloor heating systems to check the system is working, to check for leaks and to visualise and map the location of UFH pipes.

We can identify if your heating system is not only correctly working but efficiently working also.

Underfloor Heating Thermal Imaging In Sheffield

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Freezer / Cold Stores Thermal Testing in Sheffield

Maintaining ideal temperatures in your commercial freezer or cold storage facility is crucial, but it can lead to high energy bills – a common pain point for operators.

Even minor heat leaks can significantly impact your bottom line, while also shortening the lifespan of your valuable equipment. This is where Build IR’s cold store thermal testing technology can be your hero.

Unlike traditional methods that can be disruptive or miss hidden issues, thermal imaging offers a non-invasive and comprehensive solution. Our advanced cameras act like “heat vision” for your facility, revealing even the subtlest temperature variations that might indicate:

Increased Cooling Costs: Leaky areas force your system to work harder, driving up energy expenses.
Ice Build-Up: This poses safety hazards for personnel and can damage stored goods.
Moisture Accumulation: Trapped moisture within the structure can damage materials and reduce insulation effectiveness, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

Don’t wait for these issues to become major problems. Schedule a survey with Build IR today and safeguard your investment by ensuring optimal performance and removing potential risks. Let us help you keep your cool and your costs under control.

Electrical Thermal Imaging in Sheffield

Electrical thermal imaging is the most established and most critical application of thermal imaging we provide. By overlooking your electrical components, you are increasing the risk of fires, injury, and equipment failing, which could lead to a major financial hit.

We want to know that you are safe and all of your electrical appliances and working correctly. There are a number of things we can survey to ensure that they meet all safety requirements. These are:

  • Control panels
  • Battery banks
  • Distribution boards
  • Servers
  • Switch fuses and isolators
  • Switch panels & switchboards
  • Transformers

Whilst we are carrying out a survey on these areas, we will be testing for:

  • Corrosion
  • High resistance in fuses and switch-gears
  • Loose connections
  • Overloads
  • Phase imbalances

Our team want to keep our clients safe and their electricals correctly working so let our team survey your components and receive peace of mind that everything is working appropriately.

Drone Surveys in Sheffield

With technology constantly evolving and improving, drones are becomingly known for more than just taking pretty pictures. Our team use drones for a variety of different surveys, all of which have been made more efficient and safer.

Our drones are capable of carrying out a number of different surveys to make life easier for all of our clients in or around Sheffield. These surveys include:

  • Buildings with very poor access/ inaccessible to carry out the survey on foot
  • Large building surveys
  • Roof surveys
  • Rooftop solar panel surveys
  • Solar farm surveys

By choosing to carry out your surveys with our drones will mean that you can save time, reduce the risks, and gain access to difficult areas!

Our team are always happy to help support commercial and domestic clients with our drone surveys!

Get in touch with our team to find out more!

Air Tightness Testing in Sheffield

Our team can support you with air tightness consultancy during your construction process. Air tightness testing, also known as air leakage or air permeability testing, is now a requirement for new commercial and domestic buildings to comply with Building Regulations Part L.

We will offer advice throughout the entire design and build process which will make sure that you will save time and money as well as reducing the chances of a failed first-time air test, avoiding remedial work, running over completion date, and limiting the chances of requiring a re-test on your building.

We can examine your initial design in three different ways which are:

Desktop Design Review: Allow our team to evaluate your construction drawings early on in the project, ideally before any work even commences. We can look at the air tightness strategy and ensure that this has been considered from the very beginning and not once everything has started and it is too late to rectify.

On-Site Design Review: Let our team and your design and project team get together with any relevant subcontractors and discuss your project plans in person. Therefore, changes can be discussed and made there and then.

Site Advice Visit: Another type of face-to-face appointment, however we will examine your site ourselves to inspect the air tightness. This can vary from one inspection to several, depending on the complexity.

If you have a new commercial or domestic building which requires an air tightness Inspection, look no further than Build IR LTD for a reliable, professional, and fully insured team!

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Why Thermography?

Thermal imaging is a type of photography which visualises heat which is unseen by the human eye. By using high resolution thermal imaging equipment each image produced is made up of more than 600,000 temperature measurements allowing us to compare large areas and identify even the smallest difference in temperature to highlight possible defects.

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