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5 Reasons Why Contractors Should Work With A Thermal Imaging Company

5 Reasons Why Contractors Should Work With A Thermal Imaging Company

Prior to thermal imaging cameras being used with contractors, everything would have to be assessed with the naked eye and only areas which are accessible…this is all about to change! 

In this blog, we are going to discuss 6 reasons as to why every contractor needs to work alongside a thermal imaging company and all the benefits they could achieve from doing this. 

1. Improve Your Safety With Electricals

Working with electricals can be extremely dangerous, with 1,000 accidents being reported each year involving electrical shocks or burns and 30 employee fatalities. Therefore, ensuring that the electricals are deemed safe enough prior to working on them is paramount. 

Our drones will allow you to collect measurements and carry out assessments from a distance, meaning that you can spot any safety issues without making contact or spending all day on your hands and knees checking each wire and circuit breaker. 

Another great feature of our thermal imaging cameras is the ability to assess electricals which would otherwise be impossible to reach or see with the naked eye. This meant that any wires which were hard to reach or out of sight would pose an increased risk to the contractor due to possible malfunctions. 

Sadly, electrical faults could be taking place within the wires, motors, or circuit breakers prior to anybody noticing until it is too late. 

Choosing to use Build IR Ltd, means that all electrical risks are significantly reduced, and any overheating circuits or failed motors will be identified before turning into something catastrophic. 

Thermal Imaging Company

2. Poor Roofing

Your roof is a crucial part to your building, so it can be overwhelming and heartbreaking when something goes wrong and the interior of your property is damaged as a result. 

Unfortunately, it may not always be so simple to detect a roof leak, as it isn’t always going to cause a large puddle of water. 

Roof leaks are often a result of missing tiles, perforations, or damage to the underlay or insulation. As well as this being a major inconvenience for anybody involved, it also poses a serious health and safety concern as many illnesses can be caused from this leaking roof. 

When damage to the roof occurs, rain and moisture is going to begin seeping in and saturating the underlay and begin seeing through the insulation. If rain and moisture is getting in, heat will be getting out and making the building lose energy and heat, causing expensive bills.

Using a thermal imager to gain a full diagnostic of your roof will prevent all of this turning into something catastrophic, such as part of the roof collapsing, and will also pinpoint the exact location of the leak. 

Without the use of a thermal imaging camera, it can be time consuming searching for the area in question as well as incredibly risky due to working at height for periods of time. 

Build IR Ltd are the leading Thermal Imaging Company in the UK, so reduce the risk, lower the cost, and save time by having a thermal imaging survey carried out today.

3. Assessing Thermal Performance 

Thermal imaging has become a valuable tool in the construction industry, offering a non-invasive and efficient method for identifying building performance issues. This technology utilises infrared cameras to detect and visualise heat signatures, providing insights that traditional inspection methods may miss.

One of the primary applications of thermal imaging lies in detecting heat loss. Whether it’s from piping and HVAC components, walls, doors, or windows, these cameras can readily reveal areas where valuable energy is escaping. 

It’s important to note that while they don’t directly measure air temperature, they can effectively show how surrounding air impacts the thermal profile of surfaces and our specialist can then use this data to help you undertake a Part F Ventilation Test. For example, capturing images of vent grills can reveal airflow patterns and deficiencies, aiding in evaluating HVAC equipment effectiveness.

In construction projects, thermal imaging plays a crucial role in quality control. By capturing images of walls and roofs during different stages of construction, engineers and inspectors can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of insulation installations. 

This facilitates timely identification of potential gaps or uneven coverage, allowing for remedial action before finalisation.

By working with a Thermal Imaging company such as Build IR Ltd, you can fix your buildings thermal performance before it causes extensive issues.

One of the key advantages of thermal imaging is its wide field of view. This allows inspectors to scan large areas efficiently, potentially uncovering unexpected issues beyond the initial target zone. 

This comprehensive scanning approach can lead to proactive problem-solving and preventive maintenance measures, ultimately contributing to better project outcomes.

A Thermal imaging company will offer a robust and versatile tool for construction professionals. Its ability to visualise heat patterns facilitates efficient detection of energy loss, ensures quality control of insulation installations and can even lead to unexpected discoveries of unforeseen issues. 

As technology advances and adoption increases, thermal imaging is poised to play an even more critical role in optimising building performance and ensuring high-quality construction.

4. Providing Building Surveys

Over the years thermal imagers have become very resourceful and offer contractors a much easier solution to carry out in-depth building surveys at a fraction of the cost and a largely reduced health and safety concern. 

Our thermal imaging company offer surveys at valuable capabilities for construction applications. When carried out effectively by advanced equipment they can detect thermal signatures emitted by LED fixtures, potentially indicating malfunctions due to excessive heat. Additionally, our cameras can reveal cracks in ceilings and walls, regardless of whether the damage originates internally or externally.

As well as detecting heat sources being emitted from faulty LED lights, our thermal cameras can also identify draughts, which are being caused by cracks in the ceilings or walls, and this can either be internal or external damage.

Unfortunately, draughts entering the property can cause a number of issues, including health concerns and unnecessary costs. 

Once cold air starts to leak in, heating bills will increase as a result of trying to compensate for the heat being lost. The cold air is going to then create condensation which leads to dampness and causes black mould (A BIG HEALTH CONCERN!) 

Without a thermal imaging camera, how will you be able to identify all of these things until it is too late? 

If it is the summer, there is a far lower chance of things being spotted due to the warmer weather and minimal difference with internal/external temperatures. 

Using our thermal imaging camera, you can detect any gaps, breakdowns in insulation, or poor window glazing without having to go through the stress of pinpointing all of the weak areas. 

Gas Leaks

5. Gas Leaks

Historically, identifying gas leaks often involved meticulous examination of a building’s exterior envelope. 

While effective in some cases, this approach can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. Moreover, gas leaks can contribute to several building performance issues, even before visible signs appear. Not only can they affect the building’s performance, gas is a serious health and safety hazard. 

For instance, gas leakage can lead to increased energy losses due to compromised insulation. This can put strain on ventilation systems, potentially causing condensation build up within the building and ultimately deteriorating the indoor climate.

Drone thermal imaging offers a more efficient and comprehensive approach to gas leak detection. The cameras used by Build IR detect infrared radiation emitted by objects, allowing visualisation of temperature variations not visible to the naked eye. 

In the context of gas leaks, cold air escaping from a building creates a distinct thermal signature that can be readily identified with a thermal imaging camera.

This non-invasive technique can pinpoint leaks more quickly and accurately, potentially minimising disruption and expediting repair efforts. While traditional methods remain valuable tools in the toolbox, thermal imaging offers a promising alternative for early detection and mitigation of gas leaks and their associated consequences.

By choosing to use a Thermal Imaging company such as Build IR Ltd, you are saving time, reducing the risk of injury, and making your working day streamlined and effective. 

If you would like to work alongside one of our knowledgeable members of the team with the highest quality thermal imaging cameras, get in touch with us today to get started!


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