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8 Benefits of Thermal Imaging

Richard Ewins

February 9, 2024

8 Benefits of Thermal Imaging:

In today’s world, we believe that having a thermal imaging survey carried out in your property can be of great assistance when it comes to heating and powering said property. 

There are many different reasons why a thermal imaging survey may be necessary with some of the most essential ones including:

Improved Safety

A thermal imaging survey on your property can significantly reduce the risk of hazards. The use of thermal cameras in thermal imaging surveys enables us to easily identify potential hazards and risks that are not visible to the naked eye, such as overheating electronics and faulty circuits. 

Although the likelihood of an electronic fault in your property is low, it still poses a significant risk to its occupants. Electronic problems, such as overloaded and overheating circuits, can damage your property or endanger the residents, so it is always best to have it checked before it is too late.

Another common issue that can be easily identified by thermal imaging is abnormal heat patterns. Abnormal heat patterns, or hotspots, are areas with a higher temperature than the surroundings, which can be easily found with a thermal imaging camera. 

These higher temperatures can be caused by a range of different things, including the design of the property and insulation quality, however another common reason for hotspots is malfunctioning machinery or overheating electronics.

By having a thermal imaging survey carried out, you can identify and correct these issues before they cause irreparable damage to both the property and residents.

Issue Detection

By having a thermal imaging leak detection survey taken out on your property, you may be able to identify a variety of potential defects within the heat spread of the structure. 

A common issue when it comes to properties is air leaks present within the building envelope. Air leaks can be easily identified by having an exterior thermal imaging survey carried out, allowing you to identify and correct the issue. 

Common places where air leaks occur are:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Roof
  • Fireplace
  • Vents & Fans
  • Electrical Sockets

Another common problem which can be found during a thermal imaging survey is moisture intrusion. While not visible to the human eye, moisture, dampness and water leaks can all cause damage to a building, eventually leading to mould growth and even structural issues.

The subtle temperature difference caused by moisture in the walls can be seen on thermal imaging cameras, allowing you to identify the source of the problem and fix it.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

By using thermal imaging when assessing your properties, you can greatly reduce maintenance costs. Some of the ways in which you can decrease your maintenance costs are:

Preventing Structural Issues

A common problem with many properties is the property itself. Over the years, the structural integrity of a property will decrease, meaning the costs to maintain said property are much higher. 

Some common issues that occur during a buildings lifespan include:

By having a thermal imaging survey carried out, you can identify and address these issues, reducing future maintenance costs in the process. By fixing issues such as insulation gaps, you can also reduce heating and cooling costs. 

Moisture Intrusion

Prolonging Equipment Lifespan

Early detection of issues with thermal imaging allows for timely and cost effective maintenance, contributing to a prolonged lifespan of machinery and equipment. 

By identifying and correcting issues before they evolve, you can reduce the frequency in which you need to replace equipment.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Many modern and recently constructed structures have to comply with new government energy efficiency regulations, however, older properties may not. 

The energy efficiency regulations are in place to ensure waste of energy is kept to a minimum, which is why having a thermal imaging survey carried out on older properties can help keep your structure energy efficient.

Some common problems which occur in older properties include:

  • Poor Insulation / Insulation Gaps
  • Air Leaks

By having a thermal imaging survey conducted, you can find and fix these issues, which can help massively when it comes to reducing energy bills and increasing energy efficiency. 

While increasing energy efficiency can help to reduce costs, it can also greatly assist the environment, as less energy is being consumed.

Reduced Infrastructure Downtime

When it comes to infrastructure, it is essential that downtime is kept to a minimum. In busy, industrial environments, it is crucial that machinery does not stop for more time than needed. This is where thermal imaging comes in handy. 

By assessing the infrastructure with thermal imaging, you can predict when maintenance will be needed, and can identify any issues developing within the machinery.

Thermal imaging can also detect signs of overheating components in equipment, such as electrical systems, motors, and machinery. Early detection of these issues allows for timely intervention before critical failure occurs. 

By integrating thermal imaging into the maintenance programs, you can find and fix issues before they cause larger, more time consuming and more expensive problems.

Finally, using thermal imaging can greatly prolong equipment lifespan, meaning less time is needed for new equipment to be installed and integrated.

Cost Effectiveness

By simply having a thermal imaging survey undertaken on your property, you can become much more cost effective. 

On average, a thermal imaging survey will find a range of issues in a building, or areas for improvement where you can prevent energy from escaping. 

By preventing the energy from escaping, you can save valuable time and money by doing everyday tasks, such as heating the property or running electronics. In the long term, this could save large amounts of money on heating and electric bills.

Regulation Compliance

While thermal imaging surveys are not required to meet UK regulations, they can help with certain aspects of achieving the regulations. 

One regulation which is required to be met to be able to sell or rent a property in the UK is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). EPC’s provide information about a property’s energy efficiency, and while they do not mandate a thermal imaging survey, having a survey taken can assist you in meeting the requirements for an EPC.


Although at first it seems like a complicated task, a thermal imaging survey is actually relatively simple. 

The thermal imaging camera is manned by a qualified thermal imaging professional, who will walk around your property, both inside and out, before summarising their findings in their final report. 

If necessary, extra equipment such as drones and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) can be used to assess larger properties or hard-to-reach areas. 

After the survey has been carried out, the thermographer evaluates the results and creates the report, highlighting areas for improvement.

Benefits Of Thermal Imaging


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