ElectricalThermal Imaging

Electrical thermal imaging is the most established and potentially most critical application of thermal imaging. The long reaching affects of overlooked electrical components include increased fire risk, risk of injury and equipment failure leading to huge financial costs.

BUILD IR’s Electrical Thermography

Build IRs electrical thermography partner can setup and maintain a Preventative Maintenance program to ensure that your business is running safely and efficiently.

Fully insured

Relevant electrical engineering qualifications

Experience of the most complex installations

Compliance with the requirements of ISO 18436:7

UKTA Approved Thermographers

 Benefits of Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys:

Increase the lifespan of equipment

Reduce running and operating costs

Prevent equipment breakdown / downtime

Reduce the risk of fire

Comply with insurance requirements

Complement periodic fixed wire testing

What we survey:

Distribution boards

Switch panels and switchboards

Control panels

Switch fuses and isolators


Battery banks


What we can detect:

Loose connections.


Phase imbalances


High resistance in fuses and switchgear

Electrical Thermal Imaging 1
Electrical Thermal Imaging 2

We Provide Nationwide Coverage!

Some of our most Popular Service Areas for Residential Surveys include:

Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 1


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


What to expect:

Provide us with a list of assets to be surveyed.

Fixed cost produced for the survey.

Survey carried out.

Full colour report with images identifying severity and recommendations for any anomalies uncovered.

12 monthly follow up visit recommended (3 or 6 months for high-risk environments / equipment).

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