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Build IR can carry out all or part of our thermal survey investigations using a Drone mounted Thermal imaging camera if practical.

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At Build IR, we believe that the future of visual inspections lie in the hands of drone surveys as a safer alternative for all those involved.

We are a leading specialist within the industry, and are aware of the heightened level of risks which are involved when using traditional methods of carrying out aerial inspections, roof surveys, and roof inspections. Not only is there a higher level of risk involved, but you will often be faced with a number of restrictions which, ultimately, can affect the end results.

Fortunately, we have combined methods which involve high performance, industrial specification drones to ensure all surveys carried out are done to the highest quality. No matter how challenging the circumstances may be, each survey will be completed efficiently and economically!

Choosing to use our high-quality drones eliminates the requirement for scaffolding and working at heights, in turn dramatically decreasing the risk for any onsite surveyor.

We are confident in stating that our drone inspections offer a safer, cost effective, and more efficient alternative to the traditional manual method. Get in touch and see how we can transform the way your inspections and surveys are done!

Our Drone Service:

Our inspections can be used for a variety of different requests, and these can include:

Building & Roof Surveys

Our building and roof surveys are incredibly efficient and known for saving clients significant time, allowing it to be put to better. Within the same time frame it can take to organise safety briefings and to perform the inspection, our drones can perform the entire survey multiple times and send live data for analysis.

Commercial Roof Surveys

All of our commercial drone surveys are performed using the most refined drones to ensure that all roof survey data and analytics are presented to our client in the clearest and most accurate form.

Domestic Roof Surveys

We can conduct thermal imaging surveys on domestic builds, with our FLIR thermographic drones being capable of spotting any abnormalities or defects present, all the way from roof to ground level.

Land Surveys

There is a large list of benefits which comes with employing our drone services for land surveys, including a remarkably faster turnaround time whilst also being more affordable. We can survey a significant are of land, whether in an urban or country setting.

Drone Inspections

Our aerial inspection services are the perfect option for any situation, whether you need to check for faults at roof level or you demand high resolution aerial photographs and data capture for a specific property or region.

Rooftop Solar Panel Surveys

As the majority of Solar PV Systems are installed on sloping roofs, manual surveys can be notably difficult and dangerous, oftentimes requiring cherry pickers to be employed at a greater cost. Our drone solar panel surveys remove this headache, whilst also being able to detect DC Ground Faults, PID Faults, Electrical Issues and much more.

Why Choose Build-IR?

At Build IR, prior to carrying out any survey or inspection, we run individual assessments on all involved factors, including vigorous risk assessments and strategic planning to ensure our highly trained team of technicians will ensure that all droneoperations remain safe throughout the process.

Unlike traditional methods, our high spec UAV’s can manoeuvre around buildings and access dangerous and risky areas, including those which are deemed impossible to reach on foot. Every surveying and inspection requests can now be completed whilst greatly mitigating the potential risk of injury or fatality.

Nearly all modern surveys require work at height in order to collect the data required. Whilst most surveys will not involve entering areas of particularly high risk, they will still require the use of scaffolding and cherry pickers, both of which can cost a small fortune for any business. However, choosing to use our UAV’s removes this work whilst being more cost efficient at the same time!

We can confidently state that all of our visual inspections are in agreement with the HSE, or Health & Safety Executives, as well as being fully insurance and CAA Aproved.

Choosing Build-IR is the smart choice as nobody will be required to work at height for surveyance, and there will be minimal disruption to any ongoing operations.

Drone Thermal Imaging Examples:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Thermal Imaging In Building Inspections?

Choosing to use drone thermal imaging for a building inspection means that you will receive a much more in-depth report as opposed to carrying out a visual inspection.

Our drone cameras have been specifically modified to pick up and identify heat loss within a building which would often be invisible to the naked eye. This can help to identify moisture damage, structural defects, missing or damaged insulation, and air leaks. All of which can be costly to fix if left to escalate.

Can You Use Aerial Thermal Cameras To Review High-Voltage Infrastructure?

When it comes to high-voltage installation, heat is a vital component. Heat will be created when the electrical currents pass through a resistive element and heat is generated. If things begin to malfunction or corrosion happens over time, injuries and outages can begin to be seen.

Using a drone thermal camera can prematurely detect any faults or issues before they begin to escalate and connections begin to melt and breakdown, causing greater risks of fire.

Can Drones Be Used In Land Surveying?

We provide land surveyors with the option to use drones which can be flown autonomously with just the push of a button rather than theodolites, infrared reflectors, and GPS devices.

Build IR drones are capable of providing results which are comparable to those produced by the aforementioned instruments, but without the need for as much heavy lifting or physical exertion.

Can Rain Or Fog Affect Thermal Imaging Cameras?

Unfortunately, they can both affect a thermal imaging cameras range due to light scattering off of water droplets.

Fortunately, during the initial assesments we will attempt to identify the best dates for surveying whilst avoiding rainfall.

Can Drones Be Used In Farming And Agriculture?

Simply put…Yes! Thermal imaging has been successful within the farming and agricultural sector and is particularly useful for identifying where heat is generated or lost across land, crops, and livestock.

This can help to identify plant diseases, fruit yield estimations, maturity of fruit and crops, along with scheduling irrigations.

Can You Test Solar Panels With Thermal Imaging Cameras?

While inspecting solar panels, we can quickly and effectively check for any anomalies on a thermal image that is crystal clear.

Thermal imaging cameras can also test the performance of Solar PV Systems more quickly and effectively than via conventional methods.

Drone thermal imaging cameras are able to spot and highlight areas of concern during a survey, often times reporting much higher temperatures than the rest of the panel.

A thermal imaging camera will also detect cracks, shadowing, or damaged cells within a panel, making repairs considerably simpler and quicker.

We Provide Nationwide Coverage!

Some of our most Popular Service Areas for Residential Surveys include:

Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 1


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Benefits of using a Drone:

Clients can gain numerous advantages by having Drone Access, including:

Reducing Risk

Saving Time

Accessing Difficult To Reach Areas

Our Drone Pilot is a CAA Approved Operator, Fully Insured, and a Qualified Thermographer.

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