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Build IR’s team have a long history of delivering BREEAM compliant surveys from early 2008 standards all the way through to the latest BREEAM 2018 guidance.

Having been involved in more than 450 BREEAM surveys

We can help you gain that much needed BREEAM credit, and should the building fail, work with you to identify the necessary remedial works to get the building “over the line”.

What is BREEAM?

Building Research Establishments Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method. It is a third-party assessment of a buildings environmental, social, and economic sustainability performance.

BREEAM-rated developments are more ecological environments that improve the well-being of the people who live and work there, aid in the conservation of natural resources, and make for more appealing property investments.

What is the aim of BREEAM?


Setting and assessing against a broad variety of scientifically rigorous requirements which go beyond the standard regulations and practice to allow for continuous performance improvement and innovation.


All individuals involved in the creation, development and use of buildings, infrastructure or communities to meet their sustainable goals.


By providing independent certification which displays the wide range of benefits to individuals, business, society and the environment

BREEAM Thermal Imaging (MAN 04)

The BREEAM documentation allows 1 credit to be attained by performing a thermographic survey to the building fabric.
The survey is required to confirm:

Continuity of insulation in accordance with the construction drawings

Avoidance of excessive thermal bridging

Avoidance of air leakage paths through the fabric (except through intentional openings)

Any defects identified via the post construction inspection are required to be rectified.

The survey should be carried out by a Thermographer qualified to minimum Category 2.

Purpose of a BREEAM Compliant Survey:

A BREEAM compliant survey should cover 100% of the treated building envelope. The purpose is to confirm:

Continuity of insulation.

Avoidance of excessive thermal bridging.

Avoidance of air leakage except through intentional openings.

Below is a range of examples of BREEAM Thermal Imaging taken by our UKTA Approved Level 2 Thermographic Surveyor:

BREEAM thermal imaging 1
BREEAM thermal imaging 2
BREEAM thermal imaging 3
BREEAM thermal imaging 4
BREEAM thermal imaging 5

We Provide Nationwide Coverage!

Some of our most Popular Service Areas for Residential Surveys include:

Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 1


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


For a BREEAM Thermal Imaging Survey to be carried out:

The building envelope should be complete.

The heating should be up and running (if the building / test area is unheated, it is the responsibility of the contractor to provide temporary heating)

A minimum 10°C internal / external temperature differential must be achieved leading up to the survey

The weather conditions should be monitored to ensure a compliant survey can be achieved – Build IR will explain these and help to ensure the criteria is achieved.

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