Air Tightness Testing Consultancy

Build IR can help you with air tightness advice throughout the construction process.

Air Tightness Testing

By investing in advice throughout the design and build you can save time and money by:

Reducing the risk of a failed 1st air test.

Avoiding costly remedial works.

Avoiding missing handover / completion date.

Not having to re-test the building 1, or multiple times.

Desktop Design Review

We can review your construction drawings early in the build, or ideally BEFORE the build commences. It is important that the air tightness strategy is considered as part of the design and not as an afterthought when the critical details are inaccessible to inspect or rectify.

On-Site Design Review

We can meet with the design team, project team and relevant subcontractors to develop the air tightness strategy.

Site Advice Visit

We will visit site to inspect the ongoing implementation of the airtight line. This may be recommended once, or multiple times throughout the build depending on the complexity of the project.

Air Tightness Testing:

Uncontrolled air leakage through a building’s fabric is a major contributor to heat loss, energy costs and thermal discomfort within any building.

Air tightness testing (also known as Air leakage or Air permeability testing) is a requirement for new Commercial (non-domestic) and Domestic buildings to comply with Building Regulations Part L.

Air permeability values are used in SBEM (non-domestic) and SAP (domestic) calculations, used to generate building EPCs.

Air tightness testing can be carried out to older, in-use buildings to help quantify and determine the cause of excessive heat loss, energy bills and cold / draughts.

We Provide Nationwide Coverage!

Some of our most Popular Service Areas for Residential Surveys include:

Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 1


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Thermal Imaging Surveys Point 2


Why Choose Build IR For Air Tightness Testing:

Accredited to Level 2 with iATS.

Can undertake simple and complex Commercial Air tightness tests.

​Can undertake Residential Air tightness tests.

​Offer Air tightness consultancy and pre-test site readiness visits.

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